If DEA bans the Kratom Plant. There will be…Infosec.

This plant is actually a plant, that actually got in the plant world before Big Pharma could sneak it into a pill. I mean, look at the stuff it is doing. The good stuff. Also if your being pressured to ban it by someone or for money, do something good for a change and do not ban it. Not even a lot of people use it. Sure you will loose some money just like actors in movies and like music stations with torrents, but just live with it. It is time to let go.

The Kratom plant is actually an amazing find. Also “whoever you are” you can assume the position of SAVING THE PLANT. Imagine your name is with the kratom plant for the rest of its life. No one will ever forget you. Whoever is in control. This plant has healing effects. It is not a food and you can’t OD on it. I did try it and you must try it to. It taste like dirt. But it does work. 

Let this one go or there will be situations. You will see. Anonymous Hackers is not only us. Not nearly. There will be a massive operation that you just also can’t afford to loose. Your home addresses and cell phone numbers. This has been on Fox news before and before and again and again. Also this is not us doing this and getting your data )who ever does the ban) this is some other sec who is somewhere possibly in Europe, It will not be us. Infosec is just warning you of all the other (hidden hackers) who will arise. I am telling you. 

People might also rise in the streets. Besides your jails can’t house that many people who do kratom, plus it might be your son or daughter caught with the kratom if it is banned. Think about it. We are watching. And We will act. We will share. If this is banned. We will not breach your data. We will act. We do keep that confidential. We will not do the hack. Someone else will. Just like all the other large databases that are available. I actually stand for USA. Don’t let me down. Don’t ban this plant. This is not a threat letter, it’s more of a wiki. Do not ban this plant there will be situations if you do. Be the good guy or girl. You will be remembered for a long time. FOREVER. Infosec is now watching from the place we can’t say. Just like you can’t. Google anonymous hackers and see some samples lol.