For the first time handing out my business cards,  I did not judge a person. 

​(You grow up in life.  That’s what life is) For the first time,  I gave my business cards to someone named Tom who has been homeless for a while,  and it felt good because it’s my business but the reason for writing this is because I did not judge. This is big for me.  Not judging a person.  Its amazing that I did that. I’m Not saying before I was a judger or something but I somewhat was somewhat was. And life is a learning experience.  And the thing is,  is I am a God believer and who knows who can give me ideas or take my business to the top.  Who really knows?  I got my best ideas in life from some (not judging)  people (who did low things)  but guess what.  It took care of me.  I used to think that I had to like follow the riches and tonight I found out that that’s wrong.  Anyone can take your business to the top.  Anyone.  And this is for you all reading as well for your companies and your businesses. When I saw the homeless kid,  My first thoughts were (treat people as you want to be treated). (And if I was him I would want me to come say hello to him)  (so I did). I know I am doing very well working for myself.  (Doing web design,  internet helping,  everything etc.)  Today a woman I knew who works at a pizza place called me because I told her she should hand out some flyers and make some money some time back.  So she called me and she has been with that pizza place for ten years.  She said the owners took away her health insurance and also bonuses. For no reason.  She then said the magic words “being taken advantage of” . I replied ” that is what a job is.  Or what getting a job is”. (Getting).  You see.  So remember. You can do the impossible.  You really can.  Because I can.  I do it all the time.  The only way to do the impossible is to believe it’s possible. 


Kratom is actually good for alcoholics studies showing

Studies are showing that kratom is having a effect on the drinking community in 2016. From Febuary to September around tens of thousands of people have switched from alcohol to kratom. Studies show it has the effect of being on alcohol but safer. Kratom is safe and you can not overdose on kratom. People have been using kratom for parties and for withdrawls. It is still legal and still kicking. Kratom is gaining favor from all communities around the world. It is a natural plant. Keep up the good work.