Someone Making You Feel Negative? What You Should Do

What you should do when someone is making you feel negative. Those people are such a waste of your time even if they are related to you. You cannot let that get the best of you even if they are related to you. Everyone is related to you some how. Blood is Blood. When someone around you is negative it is best that you realize that their concerns are FAKE. They are not real concerns. Also Think about someone else’s concerns that is not negative (a person who is not negative, think about what they are concerned about and help them with those concerns. Its the right way to think about things. Never let a negative person get you down again.


The First Time I Ever Googled Something and Said To Myself “Weird” is it?

I was watching a new movie, it is a good one anyways it is about drug trafficking and etc. I have done maybe a million google searches and I googled someone and just thought weird. I googled Pablo Escobar. His images came up, his things came up and I just thought to myself “Why did this man do it, like why did he need so much money. What the heck is the point. I mean money is nice, it is… in deed, it can also get people new homes, nice things and also blowjobs and bad things but why did he feel like he needed so much freaking money.

I was reading and it was estimated that he brought in over 20 billion dollars a year? I mean, I have to say…… Is that just not weird? To want so much money. If your reading this you might just think (Well thats life, or thats that or thats crazy people or you might just think some normal human thought. But don’t. I mean think about how weird. WHY? If you could do it would you? WTF? why does he need 20 billion dollars. THATS STRANGE to me at least. WHAT THE HECK lol are you going to do with that money. What do you think happened. Do you think it was something that got out of control and just happened and he was like ok, I will let it ride. You know after me writing this. I maybe am wrong but I think it was ego. Like other people telling him “Your big now, your big now”.