Someone Making You Feel Negative? What You Should Do

What you should do when someone is making you feel negative. Those people are such a waste of your time even if they are related to you. You cannot let that get the best of you even if they are related to you. Everyone is related to you some how. Blood is Blood. When someone around you is negative it is best that you realize that their concerns are FAKE. They are not real concerns. Also Think about someone else’s concerns that is not negative (a person who is not negative, think about what they are concerned about and help them with those concerns. Its the right way to think about things. Never let a negative person get you down again.


The Google (First Page) Hack – Trick

Hello, from the Official Cyber Info Hackers. This will be short. But it will work. Excuse the grammar for I do not give a shit. Ok to get on the first page of Google, (I start explaining now the trick) Pretend your doing a website for a painter. In his keywords just do this. Because there is no more SEO and city SEO or any crap like that anymore.

  1. Only include city 2 times throughout whole website.
  2. Do not backlink
  3. Include keywords as to what he does but NOT the word paint!
  4. Keywords can be like, oil, supplies, kit, order, scraper, boots, (specific brands)
  5. This will do the Google hack and jump you to page one.
  6. IF you do not follow this , Google will not jump you.
  7. Remember. Leave the FAME out.


if you need us to make your website or need help with one go ahead and contact us on twitter at @cybinf thanks.