The Realness About Kratom and DEA


Well  well. It does not matter if it’s Dea or whoever wants to ban this herb that you basically need to consume almost a cereal bowl of the powder to feel a effect.  Here’s some things to know.  That is if you give a shit.  Anyways. 

  1. DEA has had scientists researching it for a long time now.  What happened is that it is actually a successful opiod withdrawal herb that takes away the pain of the withdrawals. Abuse?  It’s to weak for abuse. So the reason for the ban is money. Kratom is not regulated price wise, therefore ban it. (Their mind set. So….  That being said. The reason for the ban is the loss of massive funds from pharma companies. Think about it.  So that’s what our hackers know now. Schedule 1 is for drugs that are psychedelic (kratom is not near), therefore it’s based on money.  So.  You have your answer. Eat it.
  2. So kratom as dea knows is a good herb.  Therefore (ban it)  get it?  It’s not making people eat people’s faces.  It’s somewhat a adderal painkiller that is very weak.

-Cyber Info Hackers


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