The First Time I Ever Googled Something and Said To Myself “Weird” is it?

I was watching a new movie, it is a good one anyways it is about drug trafficking and etc. I have done maybe a million google searches and I googled someone and just thought weird. I googled Pablo Escobar. His images came up, his things came up and I just thought to myself “Why did this man do it, like why did he need so much money. What the heck is the point. I mean money is nice, it is… in deed, it can also get people new homes, nice things and also blowjobs and bad things but why did he feel like he needed so much freaking money.

I was reading and it was estimated that he brought in over 20 billion dollars a year? I mean, I have to say…… Is that just not weird? To want so much money. If your reading this you might just think (Well thats life, or thats that or thats crazy people or you might just think some normal human thought. But don’t. I mean think about how weird. WHY? If you could do it would you? WTF? why does he need 20 billion dollars. THATS STRANGE to me at least. WHAT THE HECK lol are you going to do with that money. What do you think happened. Do you think it was something that got out of control and just happened and he was like ok, I will let it ride. You know after me writing this. I maybe am wrong but I think it was ego. Like other people telling him “Your big now, your big now”. 


The Google (First Page) Hack – Trick

Hello, from the Official Cyber Info Hackers. This will be short. But it will work. Excuse the grammar for I do not give a shit. Ok to get on the first page of Google, (I start explaining now the trick) Pretend your doing a website for a painter. In his keywords just do this. Because there is no more SEO and city SEO or any crap like that anymore.

  1. Only include city 2 times throughout whole website.
  2. Do not backlink
  3. Include keywords as to what he does but NOT the word paint!
  4. Keywords can be like, oil, supplies, kit, order, scraper, boots, (specific brands)
  5. This will do the Google hack and jump you to page one.
  6. IF you do not follow this , Google will not jump you.
  7. Remember. Leave the FAME out.


if you need us to make your website or need help with one go ahead and contact us on twitter at @cybinf thanks.


The Realness About Kratom and DEA


Well  well. It does not matter if it’s Dea or whoever wants to ban this herb that you basically need to consume almost a cereal bowl of the powder to feel a effect.  Here’s some things to know.  That is if you give a shit.  Anyways. 

  1. DEA has had scientists researching it for a long time now.  What happened is that it is actually a successful opiod withdrawal herb that takes away the pain of the withdrawals. Abuse?  It’s to weak for abuse. So the reason for the ban is money. Kratom is not regulated price wise, therefore ban it. (Their mind set. So….  That being said. The reason for the ban is the loss of massive funds from pharma companies. Think about it.  So that’s what our hackers know now. Schedule 1 is for drugs that are psychedelic (kratom is not near), therefore it’s based on money.  So.  You have your answer. Eat it.
  2. So kratom as dea knows is a good herb.  Therefore (ban it)  get it?  It’s not making people eat people’s faces.  It’s somewhat a adderal painkiller that is very weak.

-Cyber Info Hackers


The Hack To Summon The Real Jesus Not The Fake Jesus

This is the real hack how to summon and speak to the real Jesus Christ. This took years of praying. To summon the Real Jesus Christ and To also be in the presence of God, There is a mindset you must be in and access. Anyone can read this. When you REALLY want to talk to Jesus….. Here.

  • Your mind must know that there is a REAL THING LIKE A GHOST IN FRONT OF YOU. Do not start praying until you do that.
  • UNDERSTAND. (all during prayer) that JESUS IS A MAN! A CARPENTER. HE IS THE SON OF GOD THE ONLY SON. UNDERSTAND ITS ALMOST THE SAME AS TALKING TO A REAL GHOST THAT CAN HEAR YOU. The only difference is he really is alive and invisible but resurrected, Ghosts have not resurrected.
  • ALWAYS use the words “IN JESUS NAME” when praying.
  • Your going to feel things like chills, fear, or see a grey fog if he in in your presence.

So. Do that. Even before you jump into a prayer. Do not just jump into it because this is serious stuff man. It’s not “Oh dear lord help me give me money”. That’s messed up. This is serious stuff man. Almost like the don’t try this at home, but yes try it at home.

Why do you think you are praying and not getting any answers? Why do you think your life sucks? Why do you want to be famous and its not working? Look. Put GOD FIRST. THEN crazy SHHHHHHHHHHHHH WILL HAPPEN. I am writing this out of the fear of the things that are happening to me right at this moment of writing this. Remember to also

  • Pray good things for your enemies like “God protect my haters and enemies”
  • When people say the word “Pray for” it means say “God Give these people mercy”

If you have questions. Comments should be open on this one.